Michiganian by birth - Kiwi by choice - Inquisitive by nature

Shannon L. McColley

Past, Present, and Not a Clue About the Future

I was born and raised in Michigan. You know, that state that looks like a mitten and we natives go around using our palms as a map to where we live?...yeah, there. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Fisheries & Wildlife from Michigan State University and in the middle of that escaped for a year to Lancaster University in the UK. After a couple more years spent baking professionally, I couldn't afford to return to school in the UK so I moved to New Zealand instead and did a Post-graduate Diploma in Geography/GIS at the University of Auckland in 2008.

I fell in love with New Zealand and decided that short of the UK (where my heart truly lies), NZ was the next best place to be. After a stint back in the US, my wife and I were finally able to relocate and now are permanent Kiwis. We live in Auckland with our two feline fur-children and when not working or travelling we're off camping, re-enacting the Middle Ages with our local SCA barony, or making films.  Currently I am employed as lead technician on the fantastic GeoDataHub cartographic heritage digitisation project run by the University of Auckland.

I first picked up Robert Jordan's The Eye of the World in 1998 and have been a dedicated fan of The Wheel of Time ever since. My involvement in the online fan community has been constant since 2000 and I can be found lurking in several guises, though most prominently as Eniara Kisharad at TarValon.net. You may have also seen me at Dragon*Con, Jordan Con, Comic Con, or the final WoT book launch in Provo, Utah in 2012. I'm additionally a big Xena: Warrior Princess and Bad Girls fan, often found poking around other communities as Eniariom. 

I love taking photos and a selection of my images can be found in the gallery on this site. New Zealand is incredibly photogenic so I usually have my camera along whenever we travel the country.  A historian at heart, my other hobbies include reading, writing, hiking, swimming, rollerblading, leather crafting, and video gaming.